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Final Fantasy Guides

Final Fantasy Beastmaster Guide

  • A level-by-level, solo leveling walkthrough from 1 to 75 specifically for Beastmaster
  • Sub job recommendations that are a perfect match for BST
  • A hand picked list of BST specific equipment for all levels including an AF and Relic Armor run-down
  • Recommended strategies for playing a Beastmaster in groups
  • An assiduous breakdown of all the BST abilities, traits
  • Guidelines to effectively work with pets
  • A how-to guide to defeating Maat from preparation to execution
  • Killer choices of Ballista tactics to overpower other players
  • Best gil making strategies tailored specifically for Beastmasters

Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Guide
  • Step-by-step mission walk-throughs
  • Detailed guide to the best farming locations in CoP
  • Fast-track leveling guide for all jobs
  • An in-depth chapter on quests and key items
  • Veteran strategies - the little tricks they use everyday

Dark Knight Guide
  • A leveling guide written from 1 to 75 written specifically for DRKs
  • Which sub job is the right choice and why
  • The weapons you need and how to get them
  • Expert strategies for playing a Dark Knight in groups
  • All you need to know about DRK traits, spells and abilities
  • How to defeat Maat effortlessly
  • Ballista - from intermediate success to absolute domination
  • The gil strategies with which Dark Knights can make a fortune

FFXI Gil Guide
  • Earn 100,000 gil per hour with new strategies and hidden locations
  • All you need to know to make a fortune with mining
  • The secret behind successful gardeners
  • No money to invest? If done, right logging will give you plenty of it.
  • Crafting tricks and hints - skip a six month learning curve with this guide
  • Known by few: Chocobo digging and how you can really cash in on it
  • Another 20 methods: From casinos to professional thief all get explained.
  • The art of successful BCNM farming - how to do it right.

Ninja Guide
  • An assiduous break-down on leveling spots and strategies up to level 75
  • Advanced grouping strategies that save the necks of your friends
  • Creating a ninja, an step-by-step guide to get started
  • Deadly equipment on a shoestring - how to do it
  • Detailed walk-throughs for artificial quests
  • Another 20 methods: From casinos to professional thief all get explained.
  • Killer methods to earn gil - written for and tested by Ninjas

Paladin Guide
  • Get from level 1 to 75 at a breakneck pace
  • Character creation - the must-knows for all new paladin players
  • An analysis of all paladin spells, traits and abilities
  • How to get kick-ass paladin equipment with hardly any effort
  • Learn all about the pros and cons of different sub-jobs
  • Play your paladin flawlessly in every group
  • Huge gallant quests spoiler section
  • The most efficient paladin specific gil making strategies

Red Mage Guide
  • Red Mage powerleveling strategies from level 1 to 75
  • Brilliant Gil making strategies and tactics
  • A step-by-step character creation guide
  • RDM abilities, skills and traits - explained in detail
  • Strategies for solo and grouped encounters
  • The right sub job for your play style
  • Leading edge equipment and how to get it as a mortal player
  • The most efficient red mage specific Gil making strategies

Wings of the Goddess Guide
  • Step-by-step mission walk-throughs
  • Detailed guide to the most rewarding side quests
  • A list of must-have equipment you can buy with Allied Notes
  • Short-cuts to unlock new jobs
  • Killer battlefield strategies for campaign and campaign ops
  • Veteran strategies - the little tricks they use everyday
  • Strategies for earning high ranking medals, massive Allied Notes and insane amounts of Gil