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Final Fantasy Guides

Final Fantasy Beastmaster Guide

  • A level-by-level, solo leveling walkthrough from 1 to 75 specifically for Beastmaster
  • Sub job recommendations that are a perfect match for BST
  • A hand picked list of BST specific equipment for all levels including an AF and Relic Armor run-down
  • Recommended strategies for playing a Beastmaster in groups
  • An assiduous breakdown of all the BST abilities, traits
  • Guidelines to effectively work with pets
  • A how-to guide to defeating Maat from preparation to execution
  • Killer choices of Ballista tactics to overpower other players
  • Best gil making strategies tailored specifically for Beastmasters

Final Fantasy XI Chains of Promathia Guide
  • Step-by-step mission walk-throughs
  • Detailed guide to the best farming locations in CoP
  • Fast-track leveling guide for all jobs
  • An in-depth chapter on quests and key items
  • Veteran strategies - the little tricks they use everyday

Dark Knight Guide
  • A leveling guide written from 1 to 75 written specifically for DRKs
  • Which sub job is the right choice and why
  • The weapons you need and how to get them
  • Expert strategies for playing a Dark Knight in groups
  • All you need to know about DRK traits, spells and abilities
  • How to defeat Maat effortlessly
  • Ballista - from intermediate success to absolute domination
  • The gil strategies with which Dark Knights can make a fortune

FFXI Gil Guide
  • Earn 100,000 gil per hour with new strategies and hidden locations
  • All you need to know to make a fortune with mining
  • The secret behind successful gardeners
  • No money to invest? If done, right logging will give you plenty of it.
  • Crafting tricks and hints - skip a six month learning curve with this guide
  • Known by few: Chocobo digging and how you can really cash in on it
  • Another 20 methods: From casinos to professional thief all get explained.
  • The art of successful BCNM farming - how to do it right.

Ninja Guide
  • An assiduous break-down on leveling spots and strategies up to level 75
  • Advanced grouping strategies that save the necks of your friends
  • Creating a ninja, an step-by-step guide to get started
  • Deadly equipment on a shoestring - how to do it
  • Detailed walk-throughs for artificial quests
  • Another 20 methods: From casinos to professional thief all get explained.
  • Killer methods to earn gil - written for and tested by Ninjas

Paladin Guide
  • Get from level 1 to 75 at a breakneck pace
  • Character creation - the must-knows for all new paladin players
  • An analysis of all paladin spells, traits and abilities
  • How to get kick-ass paladin equipment with hardly any effort
  • Learn all about the pros and cons of different sub-jobs
  • Play your paladin flawlessly in every group
  • Huge gallant quests spoiler section
  • The most efficient paladin specific gil making strategies

Red Mage Guide
  • Red Mage powerleveling strategies from level 1 to 75
  • Brilliant Gil making strategies and tactics
  • A step-by-step character creation guide
  • RDM abilities, skills and traits - explained in detail
  • Strategies for solo and grouped encounters
  • The right sub job for your play style
  • Leading edge equipment and how to get it as a mortal player
  • The most efficient red mage specific Gil making strategies

Wings of the Goddess Guide
  • Step-by-step mission walk-throughs
  • Detailed guide to the most rewarding side quests
  • A list of must-have equipment you can buy with Allied Notes
  • Short-cuts to unlock new jobs
  • Killer battlefield strategies for campaign and campaign ops
  • Veteran strategies - the little tricks they use everyday
  • Strategies for earning high ranking medals, massive Allied Notes and insane amounts of Gil

How to Unlock Nemesis

Nemesis is the possibly the hardest monster in the entire game. To acquire the challenge to take on this foe you must:

  1. Capture 10 (ten) of every monster in all areas.
  2. Defeat every normal monster in every area in the arena.
  3. Defeat all of the created monsters in Species/Area Conquest and Original.

After accomplishing these tasks the arena owner creates Nemesis. Be prepared this son of a gun is hard.

Ultimate Weapons

Here is a list of where to find everything.


  • Weapon - Top Sector of Calm Lands, in a tiny little path, must beat Chocobo Trainer to obtain.
  • Crest - Area where you fight Yunalesca
  • Sigil - Get time of 0:00 on Chocobo Race


  • Weapon - Monster Arena, catch one of every fiend in Calm Lands
  • Crest - Besaid, in small alcove in water where you first meet Wakka
  • Sigil - Defeat all of Belgemines Aeons


  • Weapon - Win 5 Blitzball matches, talk to Bartender in Bar at Luca
  • Crest - Locker in Aurochs locker room
  • Sigil - Random Blitzball Prize


  • Weapon - Put Rusty Sword into Statue on road near the command center
  • Crest - Oldroad, very beginning
  • Sigil - Unlock 10 Area/Species Creations in Monster Arena


  • Weapon - Enter password "GODHAND" into Airship
  • Crest - Sand trap in Sanubia Sands
  • Sigil - Do Cactuar minigame in Sanubia Sands, in Sandstorm area


  • Weapon - Outside of Baaj Temple, keep pressing X as Chest is hidden
  • Crest - Farplane, return a second time
  • Sigil - Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts consecutively, outside of travel agency


  • Weapon - Pray to 3 Qactuar Stones in Thunder Planes
  • Crest - Entrance to Gagazet, near pillar
  • Sigil - Defeat Butterfly Minigame

    To obtain any of the Weapons, you must have the Celestial Mirror, which is obtained by...

    Beat Chocobo in race at Remiem Temple. Obtain Cloudy Mirror. Go to Macalania Forest. Talk to mother/son multiple times, then go right to find the father, go back, talk multiple times, then go up the Shiny Path, to find son, he will upgrade mirror to Celestial. This is also where you will upgrade all of the weapons with crests/sigils.
  • Millions of AP

    Be able to fight the one-eye at the monster arena. When you overkill it you will sometimes get some triple overdrive weapon with 3 empty slots in them. Then customize overdrive-AP and triple AP + Double AP. Then fight dark ixion at the thunderplains. all your carachters have to have auto-Phenix customized on their armor. Or else dark ixion wil kill you at once. Let everybodys overdrive charge in STOIC Modus. (Overdrive increase when hit by a monster) when you charge Ixion probably will damage 99.999 in every attack. You then will get 99.999 times 3 times 2 This will probably come around 600.000 Ap on each attack. I used this method to go all the way around the sphere grid with all my characters. Good luck...