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Millions of AP

Be able to fight the one-eye at the monster arena. When you overkill it you will sometimes get some triple overdrive weapon with 3 empty slots in them. Then customize overdrive-AP and triple AP + Double AP. Then fight dark ixion at the thunderplains. all your carachters have to have auto-Phenix customized on their armor. Or else dark ixion wil kill you at once. Let everybodys overdrive charge in STOIC Modus. (Overdrive increase when hit by a monster) when you charge Ixion probably will damage 99.999 in every attack. You then will get 99.999 times 3 times 2 This will probably come around 600.000 Ap on each attack. I used this method to go all the way around the sphere grid with all my characters. Good luck...

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