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Ultimate Weapons

Here is a list of where to find everything.


  • Weapon - Top Sector of Calm Lands, in a tiny little path, must beat Chocobo Trainer to obtain.
  • Crest - Area where you fight Yunalesca
  • Sigil - Get time of 0:00 on Chocobo Race


  • Weapon - Monster Arena, catch one of every fiend in Calm Lands
  • Crest - Besaid, in small alcove in water where you first meet Wakka
  • Sigil - Defeat all of Belgemines Aeons


  • Weapon - Win 5 Blitzball matches, talk to Bartender in Bar at Luca
  • Crest - Locker in Aurochs locker room
  • Sigil - Random Blitzball Prize


  • Weapon - Put Rusty Sword into Statue on road near the command center
  • Crest - Oldroad, very beginning
  • Sigil - Unlock 10 Area/Species Creations in Monster Arena


  • Weapon - Enter password "GODHAND" into Airship
  • Crest - Sand trap in Sanubia Sands
  • Sigil - Do Cactuar minigame in Sanubia Sands, in Sandstorm area


  • Weapon - Outside of Baaj Temple, keep pressing X as Chest is hidden
  • Crest - Farplane, return a second time
  • Sigil - Dodge 200 Lightning Bolts consecutively, outside of travel agency


  • Weapon - Pray to 3 Qactuar Stones in Thunder Planes
  • Crest - Entrance to Gagazet, near pillar
  • Sigil - Defeat Butterfly Minigame

    To obtain any of the Weapons, you must have the Celestial Mirror, which is obtained by...

    Beat Chocobo in race at Remiem Temple. Obtain Cloudy Mirror. Go to Macalania Forest. Talk to mother/son multiple times, then go right to find the father, go back, talk multiple times, then go up the Shiny Path, to find son, he will upgrade mirror to Celestial. This is also where you will upgrade all of the weapons with crests/sigils.
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